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SLAMTA 2022 Young Artist Competition Gold Medalists

Emmaus Tzeng
Division I Winner
Student of Laura Schindler

John Bergmann
Division II Winner

Student of Zena Ilyashov

Megan Liu
Division III Winner
Student of Zena Ilyashov

SLAMTA Monster Concert
October 9, 2022
Lacefield Music

A Carmen Celebration

I Wanna Be A Spy

SLAMTA/PTRT Joint Opening Program with Dr. Kevin Hampton
at the Steinway Piano Gallery

SLAMTA End of Summer Picnic at Tilles Park
sponsored by the Kawaii Piano Gallery by Alamo Music

2022 Closing Program with PTRT
at the St. Louis Art Museum
sponsored by the Steinway Piano Gallery

Monster Concert February 2022
at Lacefield Music in Chesterfield


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