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Dear SLAMTA colleagues,


My name is Kyu Butler, NCTM, and the new President of SLAMTA from May 23rd of 2020. To get a feel for my new role, I have spent the last few days looking through past presidents' paperwork, letters, cards, and thank you notes. I would like to thank you Caroline Hixson, NCTM, for her contributions and leadership. I am honored and thankful to serve for SLAMTA, and I will try my very best to follow the footsteps of the former presidents of the great organization.


To begin, I have developed a motto for SLAMTA that I hope will inspire us during my time  in this role. SLAMTA was founded 46 years ago. I feel that it is the right time to recognize our senior members, to nurture the younger generation, and stand together with our members. I think that the motto "Remembering the Past, Embracing the Present, and Nurturing the Future" encompasses these goals.


With your support and collaboration, we can make this happen. I am looking forward to meeting you at our future events.


Thank you.




Kyu Butler 


Kyu Butler, NCTM

President, SLAMTA




 SLAMTA respects and supports people irrespective of gender, race, culture, religion, nationality and identity. SLAMTA will continue to be inclusive, providing music programs and activities for music teachers and students in St. Louis area.



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