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Dear SLAMTA colleagues,


My name is Kyu Butler, NCTM, and the new President of SLAMTA from May 23rd of 2020. To get a feel for my new role, I have spent the last few days looking through past presidents' paperwork, letters, cards, and thank you notes. I would like to thank you Caroline Hixson, NCTM, for her contributions and leadership. I am honored and thankful to serve for SLAMTA, and I will try my very best to follow the footsteps of the former presidents of the great organization.


To begin, I have developed a motto for SLAMTA that I hope will inspire us during my time  in this role. SLAMTA was founded 46 years ago. I feel that it is the right time to recognize our senior members, to nurture the younger generation, and stand together with our members. I think that the motto "Remembering the Past, Embracing the Present, and Nurturing the Future" encompasses these goals.


With your support and collaboration, we can make this happen. I am looking forward to meeting you at our future events.


Thank you.




Kyu Butler 


Kyu Butler, NCTM

President, SLAMTA