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Pre-Collegiate Auditions


District 6



Registration Deadline: SEPTEMBER 6, 2020


Video Submission Deadline: SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

Please EMAIL all questions:

Best suited for your finest students,

this competition requires students to play

two pieces (preschool through 9th grade),

or three pieces (10th grade through collegiate).


Specific guidelines, entry forms, repertoire categories and fee information are found below in the MMTA Audition Handbook.

Those who receive a 1 rating at Districts 

may proceed to the State MMTA Honors Auditions. 


Please double-check that you have entered the correct grade and repertoire for your students. The repertoire requirements can be found in the handbook below.

MMTA State



Registration Deadline:

October 18

Video Submission Deadline:



For those students

who received a 1 rating at Districts

The MMTA Honors declares a winner, runner-up and honorable mentions. Numerical ratings are given at State Auditions. These auditions do not proceed beyond the state level.

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