Inspire your students.

Deadline: January 18

February 22, 2020 



Participants & Repertoire
Who: Students of SLAMTA teachers, up to grade 12

Repertoire: Piano students are to play one movement of a Sonata or Sonatina from memory.
Teacher Requirements: Participating teachers are required to monitor rooms during the festival.
Qualified judges will rate and critique each student. Ratings will be as follows:
•        Superior
•        Excellent
•        Good
Award Packets & Judge Sheets 
Those receiving Superior ratings will be awarded a medal.  Excellent and Good ratings will receive ribbons.  Packets with awards and judge sheets will be available for pickup on the following Monday from 10:00-5:00 at Steinway Piano Gallery.  

Registration Information 

All students will receive a certificate and a judge sheet.  Teachers should please fill out the registration form AND send a Judge Sheet for each student. Entry fee is $20 per student and paid in one transaction via PayPal. Students are to request either morning or afternoon for time slots.  
For this year, we have also decided to open a few limited spots for students who can only participate on Sundays. We will be holding a Sunday time from 2-3pm at Steinway. Please indicate on your registration forms whether your student needs a Sunday time. Spaces will be filled based on availability. 
Registration form and Judge sheets should be placed in a 9x12 envelope.
Paperwork can be mailed to:                             OR                                           Dropped off at:

Angela Cox                                                                                                                  Steinway Piano Gallery
1932 Springtree Dr.                                                                                                 12033 Dorsett Rd. 
Maryland Heights, MO 63043                                                                               Maryland Heights, MO 63043