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Thank you SLAMTA Committee Chairs

As November 2016 comes to an end, we celebrate the people and events of the past months. Our program co-chairs, Jocelyn Rugaber and Annie Tzeng launched the year by inviting Dr. Teresa McCollough who presented a fascinating program of 20th and 21st century music followed by a master class. Thanks to Amanda Kirkpatrick who coordinated the Young Artist Winners’ Recital at Christ Church Cathedral in October. What a privilege for the 2016 gold medal winners to perform in the Shepley Concert Series.

The highlight of the fall was the very special recital performed by Sean Chen, winner of the 2013 American Pianist Award. Our gratitude goes to Laureen DiBisceglie whose tireless efforts resulted in many students and their families enjoying this amazing piano recital at Christ Church Cathedral which was filled to capacity.

Key Players is a monthly event under the leadership of our beloved Gwen Wen whose love of music inspires her year after year to oversee this opportunity for SLAMTA members to join together and play for one another.

As we move into the Christmas season, a hearty thank you goes to Janna O’Hara who for the 15th year, has coordinated the 2 day Play-a-thon at the Galleria Mall. There were smiles all around…on the students’ faces as they performed, on the faces of their supportive and proud family members, and also on many of the shoppers who stopped in their busy life to enjoy the gift of music. I wonder how many video clips were posted on social media!

What a joy to be a member of SLAMTA. Thank you one and all for your part in this vibrant organization where we strive to promote excellence in music teaching in the St. Louis Area.

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