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Young Artist Results and Program

Congratulations 2016 Young Artist Winners!

Young Artist Recital Program SLAMTA extends its gratitude to Dr. Annette Burkhart, Dr. Cathy Benton, and Laureen DiBisceglie who stepped in to co- chair this years Young Artist Competition at Missouri Baptist University. There were 28 very talented participants. The winners presented an inspiring recital following the competition. Congratulations to the following students and to their dedicated teachers.

Division I (Grades 6-7)

Honorable Mention - Michael Tu, Student of Laura Schindler

Bronze Medal Winner - Hannah Chun, Student of Alla Voskoboynikova

Silver Medal Winner- Hannah Li, Student of Marlita Weiss

Gold Medal Winner - Hannah Ohms, Student of Marlita Weiss

Division II (Grades 8-9)

Honorable Mention - Alexandra Madaras, Student of Jennifer Spohr

Bronze Medal Winner - Geoffrey Ladue, Student of Alla Voskoboynikova

Silver Medal Winner - Walter Thomas-Patterson, Student of Mary Anderson

Gold Medal Winner - Demetri Case, Student of Zena Ilyashov

Division III (Grades 10-12)

Honorable Mention - Hans Chan, Student of Annette Burkhart

Bronze Medal Winner - Alexandra Rice, Student of Zena Ilyashov

Silver Medal Winner - Adam Martin, Student of Alla Voskoboynikova

Gold Medal Winner - Joseph Lu, Student of Zena Ilyashov

Special Thanks

Dr. Sandra Hoffmann and the late Dr. Joe Hoffmann for providing the

1st place awards with the establishment of the

Marjorie Balafas Memorial Music Student Award Fund.

St. Louis Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild

for providing the 2nd and 3rd place awards.

Missouri Baptist University

for hosting the Young Artist Competition.


Peter Collins, Missouri State University

Jon Hynes, University of Central Missouri

Mia Hynes, University of Central Missouri

Ruth Price, Webster University

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