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Monster Concert Photos


Rehearsal Day


Students and teachers met on Saturday January 16, 2016 to rehearse at Missouri Baptist University.  This is the ONLY rehearsal prior to the concert the following day.  It is a fun day of music making and learning.  


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Monster Concert 

Nearly 70 students and teachers were a part of this unique performance event on Sunday January 17, 2016.  Mr. Mark Lawley served as our conductor and did an amazing job!  The repertoire consisted of all ensemble music which included duets, trios, quartets, duos and pieces that were written in as many as 9 parts!  Composers ranged from greats such as Brahms and Tchaikovsky to current composers such as Glenda Austin, Melody Bober, Robert Vandall, Kevin Costely, Eugenie Rocherolle and more.  This is a favorite event for many students and teachers!


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