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Deadline for Entries:  March 14 (individual times assigned after receipt of all entries)



  • For teachers' most outstanding students in grades 6-12.  Students must be studying with a teacher who is a member of SLAMTA/MTNA with all dues paid by the deadline date for entries.  The teacher OR the student must reside within a 100 mile radius of Saint Louis, Missouri.

  • Each teacher may enter a maximum of SEVEN students.

  • Medal and honorable mention recipients must participate in the Honors Recital following the concert and their teachers are also expected to be present. 


Repertoire Requirements:

  • Three pieces from contrasting periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, or Contemporary). SLAMTA follows the MTNA Composer Classification List. Students with multiple pieces in the same category (according to MTNA's list) will be disqualified.

  • Time limits are as follows:

    • ​Division I (Grades 6-7)         11 minutes (performance duration)

    • Division II (Grades 8-9)        13 minutes (performance duration)

    • Division III (Grades 10-12)    15 minutes (performance duration)

  • Only solo repertoire should be played (no concertos).

  • All music must be memorized.

  • Students may expect to be stopped if their repertoire exceeds the allotted time limits.

  • All entrants must abide by federal copyright law.  Photocopied scores are strongly discouraged. 

  • All competitions are open.



  • The audition fee is $55 per entry.

  • Each teacher should send one check that includes all students' fees, payable to SLAMTA.

  • Please, do not send individual checks from students or their parents.

  • No refunds given after the deadline.

  • Checks and entry form should be mailed or delivered to:

    Kyu Butler, NCTM
    1171 Wagner Place
    St. Louis, MO 63119


  • Online submission is also available below, but don't forget to send your checks.


  • Judges' decisions are final.

  • Judges can not hear their own students.

  • Teachers, parents and students may not contact judges directly, either before or after the competition, regarding their entered students.

  • Judges will select the pieces to be performed on the winners' recital, with an alternate selection suggested in case of duplication.



  • Monetary awards will be presented to the recipients of the following medals, in each division:

    • Gold Medal-- $125 (provided by the Marjorie Balafas Memorial Music Student Award Fund)

    • Silver Medal-- minimum of $100 (provided by the Saint Louis Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild)

    • Bronze Medal-- minimum of $75 (provided by the Saint Louis Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild)

  • All medal and honorable mention recipients will receive a Certificate of Recognition.

  • The three Gold Medal winners will perform a joint recital in the Fall of the following year (10/11 Sun. 2020 3pm at Christ Church Cathedral).

  • In order for students to receive their awards, they are required to perform on the Honors Recital at 4:30 pm following the competition.  

  • All medals and awards are presented at the conclusion of the recital.  Any exception to this requirement due to an emergency will be considered by the SLAMTA board on a case by case basis.

2019 Gold Medal Winners

2019 Gold Medal Winners' Recital Program

2018 Gold medal Winners' Recital Program

2017 Gold Medal Winners' Recital Program

2016 Young Artist Recital Program

2016 Gold Medal Winners' Recital Program

Entry Form:


April 18, 2020 
Fine Arts Building 
(Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists)
APRIL 18, 2020 
(Gold medalists from the 2020 Young Artist Competition)
OCTOBER 11, 2020 
  Christ Church Cathedral


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